Process Underway to Lift Restrictions on Karmapa’s Visit in Sikkim: Rijiju - Northeast Today

June 22
by Northeast Today

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju visited Phodong Monastery in North Sikkim on Wednesday where he was given a grand welcome by the monks. Rijiju expressed his happiness on the opportunity of visiting such a holy monastery of Sikkim. The Minister offered khada and lit the butter lamps at the monastery for the well being of all sentient beings.

While addressing a large gathering of monks, local public and students at the monastery, he informed that recently restrictions on the travel of the Karmapa to any place apart from Sikkim were lifted by the Government of India. His Holiness had earlier visited Arunachal Pradesh and the people of the state accorded a grand reception to him thus showing their faith in him. He said that the lifting of the restrictions on the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa in visiting Sikkim is currently under process and meetings are being held to resolve various issues. He was tirelessly pursuing the matter in his Ministry, owing to the strong sentiments expressed by the people of Sikkim. He also stated that the State Government of Sikkim has already submitted their request to the Government of India for the removal of the restriction on His Holiness for visiting Sikkim. He express strong hope that the matter would be resolved soon.

He also stated his love for the State of Sikkim and a strong attachment to the people and the place, which is similar to his home state Arunachal Pradesh, as there are great similarities in traditions and culture. He informed that he will mutually work with the Government of Sikkim in the development of the State. He also assured that he will be taking up the matter of development of road network in the State with the concerned Ministry of Road and Surface Transport and push for speedier implementation of new road projects in the State. The inclusion of Bhutia language in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution is currently being pursued by him.

Speaking on this day which was also celebrated as the International Yoga Day, he said that it was very important for all people to have a healthy body and yoga was one means to stay fit. He expressed his happiness on the participation of the monks in the program and congratulated them for adopting yoga.

The monks and local public expressed expressed that they were very much hopeful for an early resolution to the restrictions of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa in visiting Sikkim. They longed for the visit of His Holiness and were positive that the day will come soon.


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