The leader of Tibetan Buddhists defended the right of women to take monastic vows - Russia News Today


Tibetan spiritual leader Karmapa XVII Ogyen trinley Dorje became the initiator of the return of women to take full monastic vows, according to the portal «Save Tibet».

The Karmapa and the Dalai Lama insist, for the preservation of Buddhist teachings requires a community, consisting of four parts (full monks (elongi) full of nuns (gelongma), and women and men holding practising the vows of laity). In reality, however, the transmission line is a complete women’s vows broken.

«Monks and nuns can equally follow the principles of Buddha’s teachings and bear the same responsibility for compliance with these principles. However, there was a period when the nuns do not have the opportunity to fully practice the teachings and this is not the best way affected the status of Buddhism as a whole», — quotes the portal words Karmapa XVII.

Gelong or bhikshu — the highest degree of monastic commitment. Monks galangi observe more than 220 vows. It was decided that the restoration of full monastic ordination for women will be phased. At the beginning of the novices will be able to take vows sramanera (getsome), which must comply with during the year, then they will be given the vows shikshamana or gloppy that must be followed two winters or two summers. And finally, from the nuns to the tradition dharmaguptaka and Tibetan monks tradition, mulasarvastivada they can make women full monastic vows. This process is carried out in three stages, as Karmapa firmly believe that restoring full ordination for women, it is important to lay a solid Foundation.

Recently carried out the first stage. Nineteen nuns who wish to take a full degree of monastic ordination, was given the primary vows sramanera.


  1. But if we don't cultivate a Lineage-if we don't support a Sangha through authentic practice in humility--if we don't live in accord with our, feminist, vegetarian, LGBT--are they just labels we use to tag ourselves to gain popularity? Do we really mean it? Do we really feel it? Or is it : "Oh, that's what is in vogue now. I can win support and jindaks."


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