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His Holiness the Karmapa Begins Landmark UK Visit - Buddhistdoor Global

By Craig Lewis                  
Buddhistdoor Global | 2017-05-22 

LONDON—His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje arrived in London last week, marking his first ever visit to the United Kingdom. He was warmly welcomed by throngs of devotees and well-wishers, including senior rinpoches resident in the UK, some 37 years after the last visit by the 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje (1924–81), who was instrumental in enabling the transmission of Vajrayana Buddhism to the West.

Following his safe arrival on 17 May, public events during the Karmapa’s historic 11-day visit have included a three-part teaching on the “Eight Verses for Training the Mind,” the famous lojong text by Geshe Langri Tangpa (1054–1123), in London’s Battersea Park on 20–21 May, followed by a Chenrezig Empowerment. On 27 May, His Holiness is scheduled to give a Long Life Empowerment in Surrey.

“To begin with, I would like to express my great delight at this opportunity that has come to pass for me to visit London,…

Sikkim monks seek early permission for Karmapas visit - India Today

May 20, 2017 | UPDATED 17:30 IST

Gangtok, May 20 (PTI) A delegation of monks of various monasteries of Sikkim met Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh urging early permission for Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje to visit the state.

The monks called on Singh, who is on a two-day visit here, at the Raj Bhavan last evening, officials said.

They submitted the resolution taken after a peace rally here on May 18 which urged the Government of India to grant one of the "most important demand and aspiration" of the Buddhists of Sikkim seeking early permission for the Karmapa to visit Sikkim.

The delegation was led by the Sangha MLA Sonam Kelyon Lama, who is the elected political representative of the monks in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, the officials added.

A central government order bans entry of all the three Karmapa claimants to the title of Karmapa at Rumtek monastery in East Sikkim since 1994.

The Sikkimese Buddhists who follow the Khagyu sect recognize the 31-year-old Ogyen Trinley Dorj…

The Karmapa Teaches the Practices of Humility, Mindfulness, and Compassion

May 20, 2107 – Battersea Park, London, England

Reprising his teachings on the Eight Verses of Mind Training, the Karmapa turned to the second verse:

Wherever I am, whomever I’m with,
May I regard myself as lower than all others,
And from the depths of my heart,
May I hold them as supreme and cherish them.The first verse, he reminded us, gave the practice of seeing all living beings to be as precious as a wish-fulfilling jewel, and this second one encourages us always to be respectful towards others. Whomever we meet in whatever place, we train in respecting them and regarding ourselves as inferior, not in a superficial way, but from the depths of our hearts and the marrow of our bones. “This is about being humble,” the Karmapa remarked, “and mainly functions as an antidote to pride.” It is important, “because as we seek to benefit others, we will connect with all kinds of people, educated or not, wealthy or poor and we need to make our minds ready to be free of pride in any of these circum…

Gyalwang Karmapa Begins Teaching the Eight Verses of Mind Training: Diamonds in the Rough

Battersea Evolution, London, England
May 20, 2017

More than 2,000 people, mainly from the United Kingdom and Europe, gathered to hear the young head of the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism expound on an 11th century Tibetan text “The Eight Verses for Training the Mind” by the Kadampa master Geshe Langri Tangpa.

The Samye Ling community, who had transported everything from Scotland, transformed the hall of Battersea Evolution into a Tibetan shrine room. In front of an antique gold velvet backdrop, hung three thangkas depicting three of the twelve deeds of Shakyamuni Buddha, and a large, ornate throne graced centre stage. To its right a shrine containing an image of Four-Armed Chenresik had been prepared in advance of the empowerment to be held during the final session of the teachings. Two great bouquets of flowers flanked the throne and an abundance of flowers and greenery along the front edge of the stage added a fringe of living colour.

Choje Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, head of Sam…

The Peace Pagoda on the River Thames: Tibet Meets Japan in the Borough of Wandsworth

May 20, 2017 – Battersea Park, London, England

On his way to teach for the first time in England at the Battersea Evolution, the Karmapa stopped to bless the nearby Peace Pagoda, located on the River Thames in Wandsworth. It is known as the Brighter Borough of London, and this morning lived up to its name as the sun shone brightly while wisps of white clouds perched in a wide and light blue sky. The mayor of Wandsworth, Clir Jim Madden (reelected just yesterday) and his wife were present in their impressive regalia of golden mayoral collars or chains of office. Before their arrival, the head monk of the nearby temple, Reverend Gyoro Nagase, and a Japanese nun, both of whom belong to the Nipponzan Myohoji tradition of Japanese Buddhism, joined a group of Tibetans to prepare the site. They set up a small alter with an antique incense burner, wafting Tibetan and Japanese incense into the cool morning air.

When the Karmapa arrived, these personages were the main ones to welcome him. The sou…

RFA: Gyalwang Karmapa arrived in London to begin his historic first visit to the UK


Exploring the World of Precious Texts: The Karmapa Visits the British Library

London, England – May 19, 2017

Following the footsteps of his predecessor, the Sixteenth Karmapa who visited the Library fifty years ago, the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, traveled this morning to the British Library. As the national library of the United Kingdom, it is the second largest library in the world by number of items catalogued, holding well over 150 million articles from many countries. Among these, of great interest to His Holiness were the famous Dunhuang texts of the Stein Collection and some 2,700 blockprints and 850 manuscripts in Tibetan, among them the 16th Karmapa’s edition of the Derge Kangyur and Tengyur.

On this special tour, the Karmapa was accompanied by Chime Rinpoche, who had worked in the British Library for fourteen years as curator of the Tibetan collection and welcomed the Sixteenth Karmapa to England. Guided by Kristian Jensen, Head of Collections, and Burkhard Quessel, Curator of the Tibetan Collection, the Karmapa and a small entourage descended tw…

Karmapa followers march in Gangtok demanding their leader’s visit to Sikkim - Tibet Express

By LobsangTenchoe

DHARAMSALA, May 19: Scores of people took to the streets in Gangtok for a march over a pending demand to allow the 17th Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje to visit Sikkim.

A day ahead of the Union Home Affairs Minister Rajnath Sing’s visit to the state capital, hundreds of monks and followers rallied in Gangtok yesterday demanding that the Karmapa be allowed to visit the state, reports The Sikkim Express.

The Union Home Affairs Minister will be in Gangtok today to attend a meeting of Chief Ministers of five states neighbouring China. Following the procession, the third rally organized by the Denjong Lhadey this year, the state government had assured 15 members from the group to meet with the minister to apprise him of their demand, the report added.

The followers of the Karmapa, head of Tibetan Buddhism’s Kagyue lineage, are said to have rallied round Gangtok. The opposition leaders and members of various organizations took part in the mass rally.

Before the mass rally kicked o…

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa is coming to Calgary!

Dear Everyone, we are very happy to announce this very special event.

Karmapa Lama makes maiden visit to the UK - Phayul

[Friday, May 19, 2017 12:23]
By Tenzin Dharpo

DHARAMSHALA, MAY 19: The Tibetan Buddhist figure Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorjee yesterday began his first ever trip to the United Kingdom in the English capital of London, where he will give teachings and undertake religious commitments for the next few days.

The Karmapa who is considered as one of the highest reincarnate teachers in the Tibetan Buddhist hierarchy told devotees that he is happy to have made the journey to that part of the world and that he is looking forward to reaffirm the connection established by his predessesor.

“I am very happy to have this opportunity to visit the United Kingdom. We have had a strong Dharma connection with Britain from the time of the 16th Karmapa. For many years, I have had the hope to visit Britain, and I am actually delighted to visit this year, the young Tibetan Lama said in a video post.

The exiled religious figure who fled Tibet in the year 2000 in a daring escape has made three visits to Europe in th…

Denzong Lhadey called a mass rally, vehicle plied for more than two and half hour - The Sikkim Tribune

Monks demands to State or Central government for early visit of His Holiness in Sikkim

TST Reporter Analysis by (Pappu Mallick)

Gangtok, May 18: A mass rally in Gangtok demanding immediate arrival of His Holiness the 17 th Gwalwang Karmapa Ogyen Dorje to early visit to Sikkim. The rally was participated by huge numbers of monks and devotees from all the four districts of Sikkim today. The rally wad also attended by leaders of the political party and organised by Denjong Lhadey (monks).

Meanwhile the meeting was also held before the rally, in a meeting three resolution was unanimously adopted by Denzong Lhadey.


1: 17 years have been a very long wait for the Sikkimese dharma loving people to wait for their Dharma Guru HH the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje to visit Sikkim. In fact, it is a slap to the glorious Indian Religious evolution and civilization that speaks volume of how the minority religion and its dignity are abandoned in this greatest democratic nation.

2: If…

Rfa Tibetan: Interview with Lama Tenzin Dakpa about Gyalwang Karmapa's first visit Canada

Interview with Lama Tenzin Dakpa about Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Thrinlay Dorjee is scheduled to first visit Canada from May 29 to June 27.
རྒྱལ་དབང་ཀརྨ་པ་སྐུ་ཕྲེང་བཅུ་བདུན་པ་ཨོ་རྒྱན་འཕྲིན་ལས་རྡོ་རྗེ་མཆོག་མི་འགྱངས་བར་ཁ་ན་ཀྲའི་ནང་ཐེངས་དང་པོར་ཆིབས་བསྒྱུར་གྱིས་མཛད་འཕྲིན་སྐྱོང་འཆར་ཡོད་པའི་སྐོར་ལ། མཛད་འཆར་གོ་སྒྲིག་ཞུ་མཁན ཀརྨ་བསོད་ནམས་དར་རྒྱས་གླིང་ ཆོས་ཚོགས་ཀྱི་འགན་འཛིན་བླ་མ་བསྟན་འཛིན་གྲགས་པ་ལགས་དང་མཉམ་དུ་ འདི་གའི་རྩོམ་སྒྲིག་འགན་འཛིན་དཔལ་ལྡན་རྒྱལ་ལགས་ཀྱིས་གླེང་མོལ་ཞུས་པར་ཉན་རོགས་ཞུ།

Monks march in Gangtok with Karmapa visit demand - Sikkim Express

Rally extracts appointment promise with Rajnath


GANGTOK, May 18: pending demand for allowing 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje to visit Sikkim saw scores of monks and followers taking out a robust rally in Gangtok on Thursday, a day before Union Home Affairs minister Rajnath Singh comes visiting the Sikkim capital.

Their well-timed persistence extracted an assurance from the State government that a 15-member delegation from their side would be allowed to visit Rajnath Singh on Friday to place the Karmapa visit demand.

Another strategic objective of the rally was to attract the attention of intelligence agencies based in Gangtok for sending a message to the visiting Union Minister that the Karmapa followers in Sikkim have reached exasperation level.

A meeting of Chief Ministers of five States who share borders with China is taking place at Gangtok on Saturday for which Rajnath Singh is arriving.

“We want the IB and RAW officials listening and taking note of our rally to take the…

Buddists demand the entry of Karmapa in Sikkim - North Bengal Today

II Government allowed 17th Karmapa to visit Mirik, but not Sikkim II
II Buddists demand the entry of Karmapa in Sikkim II

NBT I Gangtok I May 18

The Buddhist organisation Denzong Lhadey brought out a peace rally demanding the entry of QA to Sikkim. Currently, as informed, the Government of India has barred him to enter Sikkim. 

In a resolution of the organisation, that was unanimously passed today, the devotees have the Sikkimese devotees have waited for 17 years to see their guru 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje. They have alleged the decision of Indian government to bar him to visit Sikkim as “slap to the glorious Indian religious evolution and civilisation that speaks volume of how the minority religion.”

The devotees have demanded to clarify the stand of government about the 'religious freedom' on the basis of the confusing stand of the government that the Karmapa is not allowed to visit Sikkim, while he is allowed to visit Mirik.…

The Gyalwang Karmapa Meets World Culture in the British Museum

May 18, 2107 – London, England

The day after he arrived in the Fair Isle, the Gyalwang Karmapa was invited to the British Museum, home to perhaps the greatest display of human culture and history to be found anywhere. Passing through its giant colonnade and portico, the Karmapa entered the several miles of galleries, which present eighty thousand exhibits selected from its thirteen million objects. Brought from all over the world, including Tibet, these treasures of art and related artifacts reveal the vast variety and richness of the world’s culture.

Accompanied by a retinue that included Chime Rinpoche, Dechen Rinpoche, and Ringu Tulku, the Karmapa was guided on his tour by Richard Blurton, Curator of the South Asian Collections, and accompanied by the Deputy Director, Joanna Mackle. They had arranged a special exhibit of paintings, statues, and artwork, usually not on display. These articles were related to the Buddhism of Tibet, India, and China and laid out on a table in the spacio…

A Historic Moment for UK Buddhism: Joy Abounds at the Karmapa’s Return

May 17, 2017 – London, England

The 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, arrived safely in central London this afternoon on his first ever visit to the United Kingdom. His plane touched down mid-afternoon at London’s Heathrow airport at the end of a nine-hour flight from India. After an 18-mile drive across west London, the Karmapa finally arrived at his hotel still looking fresh and invigorated. He was welcomed initially by senior rinpoches, the event organisers, and the hotel management.

In a video message released shortly before he left India, the 17th Karmapa declared his aspiration that the visit would be an opportunity to renew the strong dharmic connection between the Karmapa lineage and the United Kingdom established by his predecessor, the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, who visited the United Kingdom on all three of his world tours.

The 16th Karmapa’s first European tour (1974 to 1975) began with three weeks in Scotland at Samye Ling, the Tibetan Buddhist monastery established…