His Holiness 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Thinley Dorje Bless his Devotees at Jang - Jang Times

Today: Jang the 30th December 2016, His holiness 17th Gyalwang Karmapa whileenroute to Bomdila visit Jang Palpung Monastery for a consecration ceremony were thousands of devotees gathered together to seek his holy blessing. His Holiness was accompanied by entourage team including Shri Pema Khandu (HCM) Arunachal Pradesh, HMLA Shri Tsering Tashi and other dignitaries subsuming his security cell. His holiness was accorded warm welcome as per buddhist rituals by the monks of Palpung Monastery with playing ceremonial flute.
Swarmed of devotees gathered at Monastery premises to have blessing from his holiness and "a Vision of the Divine".
Although His holiness schedule was very tight but he manages to address his devotees. He started his address with Buddhist Mantra "OM MANE PEDME HUNG". He asked the devotees present out there to take refugee under Dharma and urge to practice it in daily life. He further emphasis that materialistic world is impermanent rather one should embrace Dharma and try to pacify once heart day after day. Refrain/avert oneself from feeling of Hatred, Jealousy and evil thinking. one must try to evade evil thinking by taking refugee under Dharma and also in-fluxing a clean heart to do good things for all sentient beings. He culminated his short addresses because of time bound with word of thanks to all devotees who gathered there and also wishes to meet them again.
Devotees out there were very excited for his holiness presence and also for the opportunity to glance of his holiness glimpse so closely.
His holiness teachings were simple but it denote vast meaning behind. His holiness visits and his preaching will be worthy only if we imbibe it in our daily life.
Jang times speaks a word of thanks to everyone for their participation for the event. Special thanks to Shri Pema Khandu, HCM of Aruanchal for effort made to welcoming his holiness, Abbot of Palpung Monastery for utmost arrangement. Shri Lobsang Phunstok (chopa Sir) man behind the scene and also founder of the monastery, Public leaders of Jang for their untiring effort, team of volunteers headed by Shri Lobsang Khetup and the public for making the event a grand success. Great enthusiasm for his holiness shower of blessing and anticipating for his holiness such holy gracing in near future.

2016.11.30 Karmapa bade farewell to Tawang and marched forth to Dirang , Bomdilla


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