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Exclusive Interview: The 17th Karmapa and the Buddhist Nuns of the Tibetan tradition - Buddhistdoor Global

By Dominique Butet; images, Olivier Adam

Our initial motive for documenting the lives of Tibetan Buddhist nuns through our photography stemmed from the fact that for many years, the Western world has largely ignored their very existence. Other aspects have since emerged that have enriched this documentary approach as the question of gender equality was being played out before our very eyes with regard to the gradual emancipation of nuns through improved access to education and progressive changes to their status in society. A number of contemporary Tibetan masters have taken a personal interest in empowering Buddhist nuns and in doing so have become spokespeople, communicating the importance of this cause throughout the world. Among them is His Holiness the Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, head of the Kagyu lineage, who we had the honor of meeting in Bodh Gaya, India in February. His Holiness overwhelmed us with the strength of his presence and won us over with the undeniable sin…

Monks intensify stir to press for Karmapa's visit to Sikkim -

Ugen Bhutiya Date of Publish: 2016-08-19

While the whole country was celebrating its 70th Independence Day with fervour, monks in Sikkim celebrated it in a novel way; they celebrated it with black armbands. These black armbands were the sign of despair and discontent against alleged insensitivity and indifferent attitude of the government towards their demand, even after their hunger strike of more than a month.
The monks, supported by the Buddhist communities in the state, have been demanding that the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje should be allowed to visit Sikkim since soon his escape from Tibet in 2000 to India. Since then various cultural and political groups in the state have been raising their voice for it. The monks from different monasteries in the state organized a rally- ‘Peace and Aspiration rally’- in Gangtok on July 10, 2016. The government’s response was not a positive one; it ignored it completely.  Reading from the first signs,  Denzong Lhadey Tsopa, an organisation o…

Celebrating Dharma Connections

August 18, 2016 – Gurgaon, India

The last afternoon of the Heart Sutra teachings saw a celebration of the entire seminar. The hundreds of low meditation tables in the hall had been set with a plate of the famous Taiwanese pineapple cake and a cup of renowned high mountain tea, both of which had been brought from Taiwan to India. After His Holiness entered the hall and took his seat on the stage, the event began with twenty people taking three minutes each to share their experience of the seminar. Standing near the stage where the Karmapa sat in a high backed chair, and facing hundreds of people, they passed the microphone from one to the other and spoke of how they had been touched by the Karmapa’s presence, by his teaching so clearly and directly in Mandarin, and by the profound words of the sutra. Some people cried and the audience, which had paid rapt attention to all the stories, responded by clapping to give them support to finish their story. These stories were followed by a male s…

Live Webcast Announcement - The Gyalwang Karmapa Teaches the Heart Sutra

Dates: August 15 to 18, 2016 His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa has kindly agreed to teach on the Heart Sutra from the 15th to 18th, this August. The special event will be webcast live on the website and translated into various languages.

Webcast Link:

The Heart SutraIndian TimeDelhi, India   -   August 15  15:00 - 17:00• The Heart Sutra 1 / 7 / El sutra del corazón 1 / 7Delhi, India   -   August 16  10:00 - 12:00•  The Heart Sutra 2 / 7 / El sutra del corazón 2 / 7Lunch Break  15:00 - 17:00• The Heart Sutra 3 / 7 / El sutra del corazón 3 / 7Delhi, India   -   August 17  10:00 - 12:00• The Heart Sutra 4 / 7 / El sutra del corazón 4 / 7Lunch Break  15:00 - 17:00• The Heart Sutra 5 / 7 / El sutra del corazón 5 / 7Delhi, India   -   August 18  10:00 - 12:00• The Heart Sutra 6 / 7 / El sutra del corazón 6 / 7

Gyalwang Karmapa Brings to a Close his Commentary on the Heart Sutra

18 August 2016 – Hyatt Regency Gurgaon,

The final session of the 17th Karmapa’s commentary on the Heart Sutra began with a brief explanation of the variations in the view of emptiness among three schools of thought: the Middle Way, Mind Only, and Empty of Other. His Holiness explained that the differences among these schools are to help living beings dissolve their various afflictions. It is hard to say which schools are good or bad, higher or lower. It is important to understand this, he emphasized. We should focus on learning their teachings, which will help resolve our doubts. Otherwise, people might say that the Middle Way is the best compared to the Mind Only school, which does not seem to be quite true. However, whether Middle Way is good or not really depends on us. If we are truly inspired by its thought, and it caused us to change or improve, then it is good. If we haven’t changed, even if we learn the famous teachings like mahamudra or dzogchen, they will all be useless. “In t…