Day Three, 6th Khoryug Conference

6th Khoryug Conference
Day Three Report
15 November, 2015 

Monastic representatives participated today in a jam-packed series of discussions and presentations to develop an organizational plan for the the next five years of Khoryug. The productive day began with a presentation from conference facilitator Dekila Chungyalpa who grounded the day in a discussion of Khoryug’s vision. Delegates agreed that the vision to “practically apply the Buddhist values of compassion and interdependence towards the Earth and all living beings that dwell here” remains powerful and encompassing. Representatives further discussed including a space for Khoryug to partner with other organizations and communities.

Dekila then presented a synthesis of recommended actions that had been distilled from the previous day’s discussion under the headings of short term and long term action in Implementation, Communication, Coordination, and Organization. After incorporating feedback from representatives to ensure the list comprised every suggestion, delegates voted to rank their top three recommendation in each category.

While the vote was tallied, the conference received a presentation on Kun Kyong Charitable Trust, which now facilitates all of His Holiness the Karmapa’s charitable endeavors, including Khoryug. The presentation covered both the structure and value of Kun Kyong as well as addressing how the trust will shape further Khoryug fundraising efforts.

Delegates spent the latter part of the morning finalizing an organization structure to be presented to His Holiness. One of the biggest recommended changes was the establishment of a tier of coordination committees. In this new structure, the conference recommended establishing a Khoryug Central Committee with representatives from each country. This group will oversee the individual country coordination committees for India, Nepal and Bhutan, who will in turn oversee the communication and coordination of the monasteries and nunneries in each country. Developing this plan marked a significant step for Khoryug as it seeks to organize with more efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.

The plan also included measures to increase environmental education, optimize communications and maximize capacity building through training and clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

After lunch, representatives from each regional group presented the final draft of the organizational and action plan to His Holiness. Upon hearing the presentation, His Holiness expressed his support for the new organizational structure. He emphasized the valuable role monasteries and nunneries can play as catalysts and educators in their communities, and for this reason the next Khoryug conference will focus on natural disaster response. His Holiness also set an annual time for the conference to be held and announced that he will award a prize for environmental excellence to both a monastery and nunnery that includes a financial reward to further support Khoryug efforts.

With the organizational plan fully approved and adopted, delegates spent the final moments of the conference celebrating their achievement, expressing gratitude for everyone’s participation, speaking to their commitment to Khoryug and environmental action. In the waning sunset of the evening, everyone gathered outside the temple to share final farewells, snap last-minute group photos and share together one more satisfied meal.


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