The 17th Karmapa's praise for the 60th birthday anniversary of Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche

Always stern, you aren't given to fake smiles. 

Always direct, you don't flatter nor ingratiate.

Mostly abiding within the ascetic conduct of silence,

Regent of the Victorious One, I offer you praise.

Ever content no matter how the attendants serve you.

Painstakingly precise in the rituals of the tantras.

You are strong headed when it comes to dharma.

Regent of the Victorious One, I offer you praise.

You feel utter disgust when it comes to worldly affairs.

You are ready to risk your own life when it comes to Buddha's teachings.

So devoted, you always think of only your guru.

Regent of the Victorious One, I offer you praise.

There's no difference for you even if all appearance and existence turns upside down,

Yet you feel deep sadness when even rabbits and guinea pigs die.

Free from the joy and pain of compliments and criticism, you are a siddha.

Regent of the Victorious One, I offer you praise.

Ema! You are the true savior of the lineage of the Victorious One.

Through great kindness, you long cared for the seat of the lineage.

You are the sole refuge whose kindness can never be repaid.

I pray that your lotus feet may long remain.

I was told to write a poetic praise for the 60th birthday anniversary of the Regent of the Victorious One, Goshir Rinpoche, an emanation of Vajrapani. As it's been long since I've composed anything, though I've tried, my writing isn't flowing nicely. Yet since the students of Rumtek Institute have persisted, I have written whatever has appeared in my mind in this moment. Though this may possess very little merit, I dedicate it towards the Supreme Refuge's lotus feet standing firm until the end of the samsara and that his activity flourishes in all directions.

Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje

 Translated by Ziche Leethong and Eric Triebelhorn.


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