The Karmapa’s Farewell and Wish to Return

June 8, 2014, the Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany
After the Karma Pakshi empowerment, the Karmapa gave his thanks to Sogyal Rinpoche, to his Rigpa Center and to his disciples for hosting him and for beautifully decorating the stage for the teachings. The Karmapa noted, “Sogyal Rinpoche is among the important teachers who have brought the Dharma to the West and the rest of the world. He had a very strong karmic and a family connection with the 16th Karmapa. To him and to his disciples I express my great gratitude.”
The Karmapa continued, “My first trip to Europe was made possible by the help of many Karma Kagyu centers as well as those from other traditions. I would like to thank especially the Karma Kagyu Trust whose members worked very hard. Without their continual support, I would have had no hope to come to Germany.
“That I could come here to Germany is also thanks to the Indian Government and the Government of Tibet in Exile as well as the German Government whose understanding and help made this visit possible. I thank them from the depth of my heart and hope that I can rely on them for their continual assistance so that I may return in the future. I am very happy to see the joy in people’s faces.”
“Many people here are my Dharma friends who have a connection with this tradition. I am happy and joyful that we could meet here and be in the same mandala together. You are the main reason I wanted to, and could come here. You had to patiently wait for many years for the visit to happen. You have a pure motivation in your heart, and this gives me the feeling that our meeting is from a deep, long-term connection. I could only be here a short time but this has been a very important meeting. For all of your work to make it possible, I give my heartfelt thanks.”
The Karmapa then said in English, “Your sincere motivation and dedication I will remember forever.”
He also gave advice to the centers, emphasizing how important it is for them to stay in harmony with each other. The Buddha said that his teaching, which was to bring liberation, would not work if those who hold the teachings fight with each other. In fact, the Buddha said that this conflict would be the cause for the disappearance of the Dharma. So it is crucial for Dharma practitioners to be in harmony with each other, keeping a pure vision and a pure motivation. If we can do this, then the wishes of the 16th Karmapa can be fulfilled. We have had some lessons in the past twenty years, and we need to learn from those and continually work toward harmonious relationships.
The Karmapa concluded, “I’m not sure when I can come again, maybe in one year, maybe three or four. Whatever it may be, you are all in my heart. I have a deep feeling of connection that will not fade. I pray that you will have the opportunity to make your lives meaningful and joyful. “
After prayers to Amitabha, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, the overall head of the visit, addressed the Karmapa.
“When the tickets for your events went on sale, they were sold out in three hours. That shows how much people were waiting for you. You gave us what we expected: your teachings were not just intellectual and conceptual, but heart to heart transmissions…. Thank you for your teachings, for your caring, compassion, and closeness to the people of the West. We want to ask you to come back.” (A very long applause.) “We beech you to do everything so that you can come at least once a year.”


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