The Aspiration of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra Recited by HH Karmapa & Karma Kagyu Sangha Community in Tibetan

"With chaste action, colloquy and volition, I pay homage and make obeisance to all Lions of Man of three-Yugas in all worlds of the ten quarters. 

By augustly divine power of Samantabhadra's Beneficence Aspirations, I manifest myself before all Tathagatas, emanating Ksetra-motes in number of Nirmanakayas, prostrating and paying homage to Buddhas, Ksetra-motes in number. 

  There exist, in one dust-mote, Ksetra-motes in number of Buddhas, with their respective assemblies of Bodhisattvas, thus I believe all the motes of boundless Dharma-dhatus are, each of them, so filled. 

  With seas of diverse voices and non-exhaustive eulogy, throughout all the future Kalpas, would I praise the seas of profound merits and virtues of the Buddha. 

I would proffer the most exquisite oblations of flowery banners, garlands, as well as nautch, music, scented ointments, and canopies, for veneration of all Buddhas. 

So are most exquisite garments and perfumeries, incenses, votive lamps, and candles, piled as high as Mt. Sumeru in abundance, proffered in veneration of all Tathagatas. 

  With extensive perception and profound faith in all Buddhas of three-Yugas, and through fortified strength of Samantabhadra's Aspirations, I offer universal veneration of all Tathagatas. 

  For all deeds of depravity committed in my infinite past through avarice, hatred, and illusion, culminated in action, colloquy, and mind, regret and repent now I do.

  The merits and virtues of all sentient beings in worlds of ten quarters, or those of adepts and neophytes alike aspiring for Sravaka, Pratyeka-Buddha of Hinayana School, or those of all Tathagatas and Bodhisattvas, I acquiesce willingly in all their endeavors. 

Those pioneers of Bodhi consummation, who likened to the lamps illuminating cosmos of the  ten quarters, I do so earnestly entreat that they will perpetuate the rotation of Dharma-cakra. 

  Comes the time for the Buddhas to set for Nirvana, I earnestly entreat that they may remain  for further duration of boundless Kalpas to benefit and delight all sentient beings. 

May all the blessed bliss requited through cultivation of the ennobled roots of obeisance, eulogy, entreaty for Dharma-cakra turning and mundane domicile, acquiescence, and repentance, be all  reverted and bestowed upon all sentient beings or be dedicated to Buddha-Dharma. 

  I adhere to Tathagata's teaching in practicing the consummation of Samantabhadra's Aspirations, thus the veneration of all Tathagatas of the past and present, and throughout the ten quarters  is realized. 

  As to all the Sastadeva-Manuchayanis yet to come, may all their blessed volitions be fulfilled. I   aspire to learn the teachings of all Buddhas through three-Yugas, so that the Great Bodhi may  promptly be gained. 

  In all ksetras of the ten quarters, grand, tranquil, and sanctified, numerous Tathagatas are there with their respective assemblies, congregating under their respective kingly Bodhi-trees. 

  Wishing all sentient beings of the ten quarters, to be free from grief, to be ever peaceful and happy, to gain the advantage of abstruse and truthful Dharma, and to be able to eradicate defilements of life. 

  When striving for Bodhi attainment, Purvanivasanu Smritidjnana is acquired in every form of life; be always able to denunciate worldliness, and to observe meticulously, not to taint, nor to  transgress the sanctified precepts. 

  Whether they are Devas, Nagas, Yakchas, Kumbhandas, human or not human beings, to whom I disseminate Bodhi-Dharma, diverse phonetics would be employed, so that each will apprehend  as if expressed in his own tongue. 

  Incessantly practicing sanctified Pararnitas, so as Bodhi-citta is not neglected nor lost, and with  total eradication of defilements, all lofty endeavors may thus be consummated. 

Strive to emancipate from worldly influence of illusion and Mara, like the lotus above water in a  detached position, or like the sun and moon in the cosmos circulating by but never abiding. 

  To relieve the distress of sentient beings in Gatis, and to bestow happiness impartially upon all   others; such endeavors would be carried out incessantly throughout the ten quarters and through boundless future Kalpas. 

  I will ever be responsive in sympathy for all sentient beings throughout all future Kalpas, cherish, practise Samantabhadra's Beneficence, and consummate the incomparably great Maha-Bodhi. 

Those of my fellow devotees, who gather together with me at all places and with identical  action, colloquy, and volition, shall ever be with me in realizing our joint pursuance of Beneficence Aspirations. 

  All those savants, who enlighten me and demonstrate to me Samantabhadra's Beneficence, will always be my associates in congregation and be rejoiced at my presence. 

  My fervent wish is to be always within sight of Tathagatas, with votaries surrounding them; to  all of them and throughout all coming Kalpas, profuse oblations will be proffered indefatigably. 

  I would aspire to practice the sublime Dharma of all Buddhas, to demonstrate all Bodhi Bahukayanes, to consummate Samantabhadra's serene activities, and to carry on thus throughout future Kalpas. 

  During my lives in all forms of existence, meritorious bliss and wisdom would always be  cultivated with incessant toil; and through pursuance of Samadhi, Prajna, Upaya, and Vimutti, boundless  merits would thus be accumulated. 

  As in one single dust-mote there are inconceivable number of Ksetras, so is impalpable number of Buddhas in each Ksetra; and by all Buddhas together with respective assemblies, I see the incessant toil, for Bodhi enacted therein. 

  Throughout seas of Ksetras of the ten quarters and through seas of three-Yugas enacted in just one hair tip, I toil incessantly for seas of Kalpas, serving seas of Buddhas in seas of Ksatras. 

  All Tathagatas' voices being pure and intelligible, once uttered, seas of diverse phonetic sounds are formed; in concordance with the desired tone of sentient beings, every word emits seas of Buddha's oratory eloquence. 

  By my profound sagacity, I could discern each and all, seas of colloquy as expressed by all Tathagatas of three-Yugas while the realistic and profound Dharma-cakra is being turned. 

  So can I penetrate into the futurity, by transmuting the length of all Kalpas to one thought-flash, or penetrate into all Kalpas of three-Yugas as if the duration is for just one single thought. 

  In one single thought-flash, I could make to see all Lions of Man throughout three-Yugas. Often would I enter Buddha's domain to gain phantasmic emancipation with mighty occult power. 

   As the sublimed Ksetras of three-Yugas could be made to appear in one tiniest hair tip, therein I would penetrate, to sanctify; likewise, in all hair tips, Ksetra-motes in number, throughout the ten quarters of universe, I would be there to honor its sanctity in each of them. 

All those who will be likened the World Illuminating Lights for ages to come, I would approach and be in close attendance with; during and throughout their emancipation, Dharma dissemination in conducing worldlings' cognition, up till their final manifestation of Nirvana. 

Take now, the occult power of supramundane speed, of Mahayana penetrability into all barriers (fetters of human mind), of merit through sagacity and beneficence pursuance, and that of all pervading august compassion; 

  Or, the power of all pervading sublime bliss, of non-attachment, non-clinging sagacity, of August Upaya in concentration and wisdom, and that of all pervasive Bodhi aggregation; 

  Or, the power to purify all acts of benevolence, to crush all defilements, to subdue all evil influence of Mara, and to consummate all Samantabhadra's Beneficence activities; 

  Or, the faculty to sanctify seas of Ksetras, to emancipate seas of worldlings, to discern seas of ethics, and to penetrate and immerse in seas of sagacity; 

Or, the faculty to purify seas of pursuance undertakings, to consummate seas of aspirations, to be in proximity with, and to venerate, seas of Buddhas, and to toil indefatigably through seas of Kalpas. 

  All those pursuance and aspirations for the magnificent Bodhi, as practiced by all Tathagatas of three-Yugas, I would venerate and pursue to gain full cognition of Bodhi by accomplishing Samantabhadra's Beneficences. 

The names of heir apparent of all Tathagatas have ever been the exalted Samantabhadra, so I dedicate all my good roots to aspire that all my sagacious activities be the same as the ones by that name. 

May my action, colloquy, thoughts be always serene and sanctified, so are my pursuance in all Ksetras; such sagacity can then be honored as Samantabhadra's, may mine therefore match his in every way. 

  In order to sanctify Samantabhadra's Beneficences, as well as Manjusri's Aspirations, I would pursue incessantly and indefatigably through all coming Kalpas to consummate their dedicated tasks. 

  As my pursuance (for Bodhi) is boundless in effort, so is Punya yielded therefrom boundless; abiding in my boundless beneficent activities, all occult powers are therefore thoroughly comprehended. 

  It is for attaining Manjusri's vigorous sagacity and for practicing Samantabhadra's intellectual beneficences that I now dedicate all my cultivated good roots to adhere to their ideals by incessant toil. 

  As those great and most supreme Aspirations being extolled by all Buddhas of Three-Yugas, I dedicate all my cultivated good roots for the accomplishment of Samantabhadra's Beneficence activities. 

   Earnestly do I aspire to have all retardations cleared at approach of my death,  so that I may get to see Amitabha Buddha while being regenerated in Sukhavati.  


  Having been thus regenerated, I would then have realized this Great Aspiration; and to consummate it in full, I would keep on the pursuance to comfort and benefit all sentient beings. 

  Amidst the serenity of Tathagata's assembly, and with my regeneration thereat through the superb lotus flower, I would be seeing the infinite resplendence of the Tathagata who will then preordain me the Vyakarana. 

  With this Vyakarana of Tathagata, I would transmute Nirmanakayas by countless myriads in number, all possessive of vast sagacity for pervading over the ten quarters of cosmos, to engage in beneficence endeavours reaching everywhere inhabited with sentient beings. 

  Until the void, the worlds, the sentient beings, Karma, Klesa come to an end. Since those will never come to an end, so will my Aspirations be carried on forever and ever. 

One who is able to procure abundantly precious treasures as oblation from boundless Ksetras of the ten quarters and offer them to Tathagata; and to bestow tranquil bliss upon celestial and sentient beings through Kalpas as numerous as Ksetra-motes; 

Or one who, upon hearing this superb King of Aspirations has his faith aroused and devotes himself fervently in seeking the realization of the sublime Bodhi, the Punya in magnitude of the latter surpasses that of the former, 

  He will always be able to disassociate himself from evil influences, to keep away from Gatis forever, and to see promptly the infinite resplendence of Tathagata for having fortified with this supreme Sarnantabhadra's Aspirations. 

  Such a person will enjoy a superb life of longevity, will be born well in respected family, and will consummate soon such Aspirations, identical to that of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. 

  Through his deficiency of wisdom in his past, enormities of Panchanantaryani were committed; by reciting this Samantabhadra's King of Aspirations, so soon as on the instant for a thought, they would all be absolved. 

  Reborn in noble family and racial group, complete with refined lineament, grace, and sagacity that no Mara nor heretic can subdue or crush, verily he will be worthy of veneration by all Trilokya beings. 

  Approaching directly the Bodhi-tree, king of trees, meditated thereunder he would have; and then he would subdue Maras, attain Perfect Enlightenment, and turn Dharma-cakra to benefit all sentient beings of the universe. 

  Whosoever will read, recite, practice or disseminate this Samantabhadra's Aspirations, only the Buddha can completely perceive and vouch for the extent of his fruition, and infallibly he will attain the supreme Bodhi. 

  Whosoever recites this Samantabhadra's Aspirations, he would have, to say the least of his potential good roots, consummated, in just a flash of thought, the serene aspirations of all sentient beings. 

  Through practicing this my especially excellent Samantabhadra's Aspirations, boundless superb bliss that produced thereby will all be, bestowed upon all sentient beings still being submerged in the sea of defilements, with my universal wish that ultimately they may all be delivered therefrom and be regenerated into the world of Amitabha Buddha." 


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