In the future, you will be the buddha named Drukpa Sengge,
In the present, you nurture all realms through many emanations.
Lord of dharma, ruler of the teachings of the practice lineage,
Düsum Khyenpa, we supplicate at your feet.

Mastering the yidam, you gained control over the world of appearance.
You tamed the haughtiness of the tirthika emperor of Mongolia,
And conquered the energy of fire, water, poison, weaponry and demons.
Karma Pakshi, we supplicate at your feet.

Through your miraculous ability in commenting on the many sutras and tantras,
You reveal the heart meaning to the diverse host of beings,
Vastly propagating the teachings of the great siddhas.
Rangjung Dorje, we supplicate at your feet.

In various languages, you tame many types of beings.
Through reasoning that is free of the extremes, you dispel all wrong assertions,
And with perfect speech reveal the true state of things.
Rölpay Dorje, we supplicate at your feet.

By showing your major and minor marks, you instill in us lucid faith.
You are the tathagata who is guru to the beings of the three realms,
Fulfilling the needs of fortunate ones through supreme siddhi.
Deshin Shekpa, we supplicate at your feet.

Through receiving prophecies from great siddhas, yidams and Dakinis,
You display numerous miraculous abilities in yogic conduct.
Protector of gods and humans, your power vanquishes arrogance.
Thongwa Dönden, we supplicate at your feet.

Tamer of deceptive ones negative friends,
You made vast numbers of representations of the three jewels.
Your disciples' attainment of siddhi spreads your fame in all lands.
Chödrak Gyatso, we supplicate at your feet.

Your intelligence in regard to the modes of knowable objects is unobstructed.
Thus, you are free of hesitation when elucidating the intended meaning of the scriptures.
Of interfering with this conduct, distractions had not the slightest chance.
Mikyö Dorje, we supplicate at your feet.

Once again, as lord of limitless compassion,
You manifested as changeless vajra body, speech and mind
And came to this realm as its guide.
Wangchuk Dorje, we supplicate at your feet.

As that same being, you reveal the array of the great nirmanakaya
To supreme, middling and common disciples,
Insuring that all connections you make through being seen and heard are meaningful.
Chöying Dorje, we supplicate at your feet.

As that same being, you manifest your kaya out of compassion
For as many eons as there exist beings to be tamed like us,
And bestow supreme great bliss the very instant you are recalled.
Yeshe Dorje, we supplicate at your feet.

You embody the nonconceptual, great bliss dharmadhatu,
And expand the wisdom that knows the profound and luminous non-dual nature.
Dispeller of the darkness of ignorance, sole friend of all beings,
Changchub Dorje, we supplicate at your feet.

With the great sun of vajra wisdom, you vanquish without remainder
The darkness of agitated mind,
Those forces that are the expressions of the degenerate age.
Düdül Dorje, we supplicate at your feet.

Endowed with inconceivable knowledge, activity and skillful means,
And indestructible vajra-like samadhi,
Protector of the world who personifies effortless compassion,
Thekchok Dorje, we supplicate at your feet.

You are the single embodiment of all the life examples, qualities and activity
Of all infinite victorious ones combined.
Protector of the Land of Snows, Gyalwang Karmapa,
Blissful Khakhyab Dorje, we supplicate you.

Unerringly seeing the nature of dharmas and dharmata just as it is,
You expand the wisdom of omniscience
And give glorious bliss to the minds of all beings.
Rikpe Dorje, we supplicate at your feet.

Teaching the methods of accomplishing the limitless qualities
Of the stainless teachings of the supreme sages,
Propagating completely pure exposition and practice—
Karmapa, may we fulfill your intention.

In this and all our future lives,
May we always be accepted by Karmapa,
The performer of the activity of all buddhas of the three times.
Having been accepted, may we engage in the attractive, supreme conduct of awakening.

Through all our births, may the supreme holy master,
The only holder of the black crown,
And the essence of yidams, glorious supreme bliss,
Chakrasamvara, accept us.

From this life onward, may we not be mistaken as to the Lord of All Families,
But uphold the mandala of the wrathful bhagavat.
Drinking amrita from the lotus of prajña,
May we purify existence into the essence of enlightenment.

The root text of this supplication was composed by venerable Mikyö, and was then supplemented during the time of each successive master.

Translated under the guidance of The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and Acharya Sherab Gyaltsen Negi by Tyler Dewar of the Nitartha Translation Network. The second-to-last verse is a slightly edited version of the translation of the Nalanda Translation Committee.

© 2002 by the Nitartha Translation Network.


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