Night Dharma: To Guru Karmapa

though 40,

i am a little child
devoted to his guru,
the 17th Karmapa,
and his retinue.

Your wings fly

to North America
Where Indians once
roamed freely for Bison.

I live in the mountainless plains

and listen to your daily dharma
springing forth like the winds
in all directions

i am born with karma

and attachments,
but thinking about you
i find bodhichitta

to free all beings from suffering

to swiftly attain the state of vajradhara
to love completely without elaboration

you, my guru,

speak silently in this room
through the walls
you empty space around me
the house opens to the stars
boundless light penetrates me
we are inseparable joy

illuminating all into the night dream

of penetrating compassion and wisdom!



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