HH Karmapa talks about the Offering "The Ocean of Songs and the Chakrasamvara Ganachakra"

During the 30th Kagyu Monlam, on the evening of December 24, those monastics and lay practitioners who have completed the four hundred-thousands of the ngondro practices will gather and do the Chakrasamvara ganachakra in connection with the Rain of Wisdom.

The first time we did something like this was in 2009. At that time we did the Milarepa Guru Yoga and gave all those men and women who had completed the four hundred thousand repetitions of ngondro relics from Milarepa’s robes. In completing the four hundred thousands, they had all shown great determination in their practice, so we all had a good opportunity to present this to the great masters of the past as an offering of practice.

This year we have created a similar opportunity. The main part of it is the Rain of Wisdom. Actually The Rain of Wisdom that we usually recite is very long, but we have selected some essential songs and made a small collection. The basis of this is a short ritual by Mikyo Dorje which we are using as a framework that we are supplementing with a selection of a few songs by great Kagyu masters and the Chakrasamvara ganachakra. So I hope and wish that this event will inspire all those people who are followers of the Practice Lineage or who practice any of the different lineages of Tibetan Buddhism and increase their virtuous attitudes.


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