Sina Vodjani - Karmapa, Secret Of The Crystal Mountain (1996)

This production was the first in the Buddhist series and the start of a major success story. Sometimes gentle, sometimes powerful, and extremely musical, Sina Vodjani's sounds cradle the prayers of the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa. The music was not simply added to these old recordings of the deeply spiritual voice of His Holiness (he died in 1981); both elements were combined to become integral parts of fascinating compositions, and the tonal web, made up of vocal sections, and Asian, modern Western and natural instruments, keeps providing surprising turns in the musical development. This includes the chants by Geshe Thubten Ngawang and Dagmar Ruthenberg, which reach out and touch body, mind and soul.

Artist: Sina Vodjani

Vodjani was born in 1954 in Isfahan, Iran, and nowadays works from his OM Studio in Hamburg, Germany. His first album Karmapa was released in 1996 under the name Sijano Vodjani and was co-produced by Oliver Shanti. This album features samples of prayers spoken by the 16th Karmapa, who died in 1981. His next album Sacred Buddha was released under the name Sina Vodjani.

Title Of Album: Karmapa, Secret Of The Crystal Mountain

Year Of Release: 1996 (CD 2004)

Label: Membran Int. (Germany)

Genre: New Age, Ethnic

Total Time: 56:09


1.    Karmapa Jenno6:04> mp3
2.    Echoes of Potala4:50
3.    Hommage to Guru Rimpoche3:30
4.    Geshela's Prayer4:01
5.    Arrival In Lhasa5:01
6.    Himalayan Sky4:00
7.    Invocation5:34> mp3
8.    Picnic at Jarlung River2:49
9.    Guru Rimpoche Goes West5:41> mp3
10.    Cutting Through6:05> mp3
11.    Dedication2:41
12.    Ocean Of Joy5:58


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  3. is HH voice on every track, or only one?
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