Composed by H.H. the 17th Karmapa, chanted in Cninese
Translated by David Karma Choephel

World, we live and die on your lap.

On you we play out all our woes and joys.

You are our home old ancient one.

Forever we cherish you; we could not bear your loss.

We wish to transform you into the pure realm of our dream.

Into a field where all creatures live without prejudice all equal.

We wish to transform you into a loving warm gentle goddess.

Our wish to embrace you is unchangeably stead fast.

To that end be the ground which sustains us all.

Do not show us the dark side of your character --
and we too will transform you --

All your corners into fertile field of peace and happiness.

May the harvest of joyfulness and freedom's million sweet scents fulfill our limitless infinite wishes --

So we pray.

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