SHAMBHALA SUN: Heidiminx interviews the 17th Karmapa

Heidiminxone of the most driven and inspiring young Buddhists we know, travels regularly to Dharamsala, India (she returns there on Feb 21st)  — and recently had an audience with our January 2010 “cover star,” His Holiness the 17th Karmapa.
Here, we’ve collected all of Heidiminx’s video of her interviews with the Karmapa. Great questions and great answers abound, awaiting you after the jump.

Heidiminx interviews the 17th Karmapa, Part One — in which Heidiminx asks: “For someone who does have knowledge of Tibet nor Buddhism can you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about your position?”

Heidiminx interviews the 17th Karmapa, Part Two –”In regard to youth in the world today, what do you think their responsibilities are?”

Heidiminx interviews the 17th Karmapa, Part Three — “You are only twenty-three and living in exile. What do you do on a regular basis to make the world a better place and to inspire others to do the same? Is there one thing that is maybe very small that you like to do every day that may be a very good example?”

Heidiminx interviews the 17th Karmapa, Part Four — “Do you believe that youth today will be more inspired because you are in body a young person speaking and giving teachings?”

Heidiminx interviews the 17th Karmapa, Part Five – “In the United States right now with Barack Obama just being elected, we have been told it was the young people in America that made this happen. What hopes might you have for him being the new leader of the United States?”

Heidiminx interviews the 17th Karmapa, Part Six – “Today an NGO that was started by a young Tibetan woman and my NGO in America brought the elders over from Jampaling to have the audience. What were your thoughts on this morning?”

Heidiminx interviews the 17th Karmapa, Part Seven – "What does the word hope mean to you?"

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