Longevity Prayer for Thrangu Rinpoche By His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa

The Clear-Sounding Drum of Joyful Immortality

A Longevity Supplication for 
Khenchen Karma Lodro Lungrig Mawey Senge


Ever-excellent great bliss, peaceful might of dharmadhatu 
Deities, splendid and supreme, of all-encompassing purity, 
Bring forth the delightfully abundant siddhi of prosperous longevity 
To secure this peerless master's life forever.

Within the sphere of wisdom vision, the equality of existence and peace, 
You are awakened as effortless luminous awareness; 
Yet, may your endless magical displays, filling all of space, 
Remain alive and well as the essence of Lokeshvara.

Serene expanse, all-pervasive and utterly free, 
Your wisdom experience has been pure from the beginning; 
Yet, may your joyful dance, uniting emptiness and bliss within basic space, 
Remain alive and well as the essence of the bold Manjushri.

The ground expanse, from the beginning unbroken by mental constructs, 
Is the unending kaya, the ease of delighting in the supreme secret; 
Yet, may you, unmoved in great actionless nondoing, 
Remain alive and well as the essence of Vajrapani.

May the life of this noble master be everlasting; 
May the eminent parasol of your Dharma renown billow over the world; 
May the darkness, decline and fears of beings completely subside; 
And may your auspicious light spread forever.

Anointed with the dewdrops of the title Perfect Buddha glorious Karmapa, I, Orgyen Trinley Kunkhyab Wangi Dorje, pray that this supplication, offered with pure aspirations on the second Joyful Day in the waxing phase of the Victorious Month, may be fulfilled accordingly.

March 2, 2001

Translated on the occasion of the Karmapa's first visit to the Vajra Vidya Institute. 


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