A Prayer for the Longevity of the Victorious Fathers & Songs of the Glorious Karma Kagyu

By His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje

OM SVASTI Majestic holder of the ocean of activity
Of the wisdom and bodies of innumerable victors,
Gyalwang Karmapa, omniscient throughout the three times,
May your lotus feet remain firm and your activity flourish.

Amitabha, lord of Sukhavati,
Lord of the dance, skilled in upholding the victory banner of the teachings
Through the intentional, wondrous dance of emanation--
I bow to the peerless predecessors.

Although you have possessed from the beginning the vajra body
Unconquered by existence or peace, you appear as one on the pure levels.
Situpa, display of the great victor Maitreya,
May your lotus feet remain firm and your activity flourish.

Conqueror of ignorance's gloom, giver of the supreme treasure of wisdom,
Actual appearance of Manjushri, great life-tree of the teachings,
Jamgon Lama, protector in these degenerate times,
May your lotus feet remain firm and your activity flourish.

Display of the great, primordial, indestructible drop,
Lord of Secrets, vajra dancer of bliss-emptiness,
Goshri Gyaltsap, appearing in various forms to tame various beings,
May your lotus feet remain firm and your activity flourish.

Subduer of all that appears and exists, master of the four elements,
Chakravartin of activity who possesses the vajra body,
Actual appearance of Padmasambhava, great, glorious Pawo,
May your lotus feet remain firm and your activity flourish.

Magical display of Amitayus's wisdom,
Spontaneously perfect, glorious, profound, and vast skillful activity,
Root of benefit and happiness, nirmanakaya Treho,
May your lotus feet remain firm and your activity flourish.

Through the power of praying with such unreserved devotion,
May the lamas' blessing enter my mind.
May I be able to fully emulate 
The ocean of qualities of their three secrets and their lives.

May the gate of all excellent benefit and happiness, the victors' teachings,
Long remain, and may all the communities 
That uphold, study and practice them 
Flourish in observance of the ten Dharma practices.

May all those connected to those communities--myself and others--
From now until the youth of great bliss's essence is mature,
Be unsullied by the stain of impediments and harm.
May all Dharmic wishes of the fortunate be spontaneously accomplished.

The pleasure and wealth of existence is like last night's dream.
Realizing it to be unimportant and meaningless,
May we practice sacred Dharma without vacillation,
With great and sincere exertion.

Resolving that one's own mind is the Buddha,
Realizing that mind itself is emptiness-lucidity, spontaneously perfect and self-liberated,
May we be free from all hope and fear regarding samsara and nirvana
And gain the assurance of genuine, free awakening.


This brief prayer for the longevity and flourishing activity of these holy objects of worship by gods and humans was written, in order to remind myself of their kindness and in response to the fervent encouragement of many, by Ogyen Trinley Palden Wangi Dorje, the seventeenth to be blessed by the name of the Buddha Karmapa, at Vajrasana, the site of the full and manifest awakening of the Sugata, on the special occasion of the nineteenth Sangha Prayer Festival of the peerless protectors of beings, the Kagyu. May this cause the lamas' blessing to enter the minds of us all.

Translation copyright 2002 Lama Yeshe Gyamtso.



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