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Transcript of Group Interview on March 25, 2000

The following is a transcript of a group interview with His Holiness Karmapa at Gyuto Monastery, Siddhpuri, India, on March 25, 2000.

Q: How does a new Dharma student properly write an article about Karmapa?

Answer by Karmapa: Perfect motivation and sincerity are more important than Buddhism as a religion.

Q: Why did you come to India?

A: I came to India for the preservation of my culture, the practice of Buddhism, and to spread Bodhicitta for all sentient beings. Even though I had to leave my monastery, my possessions, and my parents, it is worthwhile for the spreading of the Dharma. I want to try to help all sentient beings and the mountains, the trees and the rivers.

Q: What do you see as the role of the Karmapa and what are your activities?

A: The role is not specific to myself, but to all Karmapas. For Buddhism in Tibet the contribution of the Karmapa is limitless. The lineage helps countless sentient beings. This is the duty of all Karmapas: to generate  compassion and love for all, e…

Karmapa's Great Escape by Martin Marvet (Bodhi)

This article excerpt is based on a number of stories in the press, published in such places as The New York Times, ABC News, the London Telegraph, Newsweek and the Nalandabodhi website, and a review of photographs, which have been assembled in great quantity on the web by numerous trekkers who have passed through these parts. Most of the information was kindly supplied by Nalandabodhi website editors and researchers. Since the Karmapa and his escape team have been publicly silent about his escape route and motivations, and I have no access to inside information, my reconstruction no doubt contains inaccuracies. However, investigative journalists have exhaustively probed the story, and I have done my best to put together a coherent account based on those reports. I list the major news accounts on which I have relied at the conclusion of this article.

In springtime a cuckoo will come to Tibet.
Its lovely song will strike sadness in your heart.
Then you will wonder where the man Rigdröl is.