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Predictions Fulfilled: the Search Party Finds the Karmapa (May-June 1992)

When the search party arrived in Bakor, they found that they had been expected by the eight year old son of Döndrub and Loga. He had for many weeks been planting trees and performing special blessing rituals, preparing to depart soon. “The identity of a Karmapa is not decided by a popular vote or a debate between groups. It is decided only by the prediction of the previous Karmapa.[1] ” Traditionally, the Karmapa is identified by matching the prophecies of his predecessor to the details of the birth of the candidate for recognition as a Karmapa.
Once the sacred letter of prediction of His Holiness the 16th Karmapa was located in 1992, plans were immediately made to locate the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa according to that prediction. “To the north in the east of the land of snow”
The 16th Karmapa's letter of prediction stated that he would be reborn "to the north in the east of the land of snow." [letter] This was interpreted at the March 1992 meeting of the counci…